Formula Shine Protects & Protectant Vanilla Fragrance 315 ML




Product details of Formula Protectant Shines Freshens in Vanilla Fragrance 315 ML
Shines, Protects and Freshens Interiors!
Shines and protects auto interiors including vinyl, rubber and leather.
Time-release fragrance keeps car smelling fresh for days.
Will not dry out interior surfaces or cause cracking.
Leaves lustrous shine with no oily residue. Will not attract dust.
A good driver always keeps their car or bike in brand-new condition, especially the interiors., makes it easy to find all the car care products for your needs. The Formula High-Performance Protectant is one of the best vehicle care products that is both a protectant and an air freshener. Get the 2-in-1 product to protect and freshen up your vehicle. High-Performance Protectant The car care protectant can be used to clean and protect interior surfaces of vehicles like rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather. Using the protectant does not make surfaces oily. It prevents attraction of dust and will make surfaces shine in such a way that your friends will think you just bought the vehicle. Vanilla Fragrance The time-release fragrance packed into the high-performance protectant keeps the interior of the vehicle fresh. The Vanilla fragrance makes it smell good and lasts for several days. It is one of the best car interior accessories. Additional Details Formula is one of the popular manufacturers of automotive products. The clean and shining interiors of the vehicle will make you fall in love with your vehicle.


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