Anti-Rust Lubricant Spray 100ML WARCO




Warco Anti-Rust Lubricant Spray is a multipurpose maintenance spray that loosens rusted parts, displaces moisture and prevents rust formation. Thoroughly penetrates and lubricates, hinges, castors, springs etc. to stop squeaking. It contains water to prevent rust formation; hence can be used as temporary rust preventive. Does not damage most painted surfaces.


Machine Parts, Computer Hardware, Firearms, Hinges, Springs, Nut-Bolts, etc.


  1. Active lubricant protects against rust & corrosion.
  2. Lubricates jammed nuts & bolts.
  3. Preserves plastic & rubber.
  4. Will not freeze at -28°C. Approx.

Directions for use:

  1. Shakes can well before use.
  2. Turn spray tip so opening points to dot rim of can.
  3. Hold can upright & push actuator on top of can all the way down to apply a uniform spray.
  4. If using extension tube, insert it into the actuator using a twisting motion.
  5. Best result are obtained when material is at room temperature. Higher temperature increase the pressure in the can & lower temperature reduces the pressure.
  6. Hold the can 8” to 10” from the surface to sprayed, apply evenly and use sparingly.
  7. For hard to reach or small surfaces use the extension tube.
  8. On rubber & plastic apply and wipe with a cloth.


1. Contents under pressure — do not puncture or incinerate.

2. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 45 c. Store away from sunlight.

3. Do not piece or burn, even after use.

4. Do not spray on naked flame or any incandescent material.

5. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking! Build- up of explosive mixtures possible without sufficient ventilation.

6. Keep away from reach of children.


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