Anti-freeze Coolant Green Freezetone USA (1GL 3.79L)




Product details of Anti-freeze Coolant Green Freezetone USA (1GL 3.79L)
• Specially blended formula that contains nitrite for superior cavitation protection of wet cylinder sleeves and Piston Liners..
• Phosphate free and Low TDS formula that helps prevent hot surface scaling deposits and over-heating.
• Will not cause of Pump seepage.
• Extends life of Antifreeze/Coolant by adding to and replenishing the additives that deplete during normal operation.
• Compatible with diesel Coolant System Filters.
• Can also be used as an additive for Lightly Duty Vehicles and any gasoline vehicle or engines.
Freezetone RadiatorCoolant Ready to use3.79 L (1GL) – Green
Special formula for heavy duty and gasoline radiators engine (Cars, Long Haul Trucks, Buses, 4X4s, SUV, Agricultural, Marine construction equipment, Stationary motors, Industrial power, Generators …)

Liquid color: Green New Multi-Functional formula GREEN. 4 IN 1 PROTECTION: Over Heating, Rust, Corrosion, Lubricates. Complies with European, Japanese Korean, Asian, Brazilian, and American Industry regulations. Eco-Protector Formula, Environmentally Friendly, Bio-Degradable.Free Protects: Engine, water pump, hoses, thermostat, radiator, radiator cap and plastic components. Formulated with MFOATprovides excellent protection to cooling system. Save to use with: Cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brassand all late models alloys. Also protects high mileage and older engines. Complies and exceeds International ASTM standards: D1384, ASTM D6211, covering most industry and OEM Specs. Compatible with all Antifreeze/Coolants brands and green colors. Do not add water – Ready to use. Boiling point: 235F/112.8C, 15psi radiator cap at sea level.


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