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Quickly dissolves adhesive residue on glass and painted surfaces
Removes label and sticker adhesive, window stickers, bumper stickers, residue from tape, marker, crayons, lipstick and more
Enriched with citrus extract to remove stickers from glass, metal, and automotive paint
Use in both auto and home
This VOC-compliant (70%) solvent-based aerosol specialty adhesive remover is designed to
Reactive adhesives include adhesives that require a hardener or catalyst in order for the bond to occur.
Examples of reactive adhesives include, but are not limited to
Package Quantity: 1
Excellent Quality.
Not only can it remove the sticker on the surface of the car window, body, paint surface and the place such as the surface of the marble , but also will remove adhesive residue easily.It has pure and fresh fragrance, wipe after spray , easy to remove. It is suitable for the surface of automobile, glass, billboards which has sticker , such as adhesive label on the car body ,pasting on the windshield , billboards pasting by the road etc.

1. First shake before use it and keep the can upright when using it.
2.Rip a small crack, keep 40-50cm away from the object and spray uniformly.Tear it down after the solution penetrate.
3. The color of place where some label torn off is different from the rest of the color, just because it is no sunlight.There is nothing to do with the use of the product.


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