Cleaning agent professional treatment of exhaust gas removal internal cleaning BOTNY




Product details of Automobile three-way catalytic converter cleaning agent professional treatment of exhaust gas excess carbon deposit scavenger removal internal cleaning BOTNY
Brand : BOTNY (Top 3 in Asia for Car Care Materials Factory)
Size : 325ML
We are Official Agent in Philippines for Botny. Our related products from BTONY : Car Wax (kindly search car wax you will find out many Btony products) / Coolant / Multipurpose Foam Cleaner / Foaming Tire Tyre Rejuvinator / De-Rust Lubricant Spray / Leather and Tyre Wax / Vehicle Window Lubricant / Gasoline Synergist / CAR ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT / Car Engine Line Protector / HELMET DISINFECTING FOAM ….
This product helps the Engine and oil pipes to remove the deposits of colloids / structures, carbon deposits, enhance lubrication, reduce friction , and is a good partner for restoring the elasticity of various sealing rubber gaskets inside the engine and enhancing the sealing performance. It can prolong the life span of Engine Oil Change due to clean the engine and pipes.
One bottle of this product for four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines vehicle; two bottles of this product for eight cylinder engines vehicle.
When you are going to change Engine Oil of vehicle, wait for the engine to be steady normal temperature, turn off the engine, and put this product into the crankcase.
Run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, drain the old oil. Then change Engine Oil same as before.
In other words, this product is to be used before removing old oil while changing Engine Oil.Each 10,000 kilometers is recommended to use one bottle of our product.


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